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Healthcare and Lifesciences

To realize a society with healthy longevity, and secure and safe living using advanced technology while ensuring affordability and access, Healthcare consumer expectations are higher than ever. They have embraced telehealth. They want secure access to their health information from any device, anyware. They want medical bills to be easy to understand and easy to pay. And most important, they want care that’s truly personalized.

Abaculus can be your ally and technology partner as you design and implement your digital health strategy.Our services, customized across the payer, PBM, and provider sectors, ensure enhanced brand value and efficient functioning. We also provide seamlessly integrated solutions across the industry.

Our Focus Areas:
  • Digital Transformation & Interoperability
  • Health Equity & Well-being
  • Virtual Care

+ Why Automation & Data Analytics

With the digital and technology innovations comes connected medical devices and connected health monitoring, artificial intelligence, machine learning, integrated views of patient and provider, health intelligence through integrated views of data, patient engagement and personalization and alternative payment models

  • Data management
  • Healthcare Reporting / Dashboards
  • Healthcare marketing campaigns
  • Clinical data analysis
  • Provider efficiency
  • Pharma data analytics