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Consulting and Advisory Services

Our Consulting and Advisory Services are led by industry seasoned experts that helps improvise the revenue drivers with sustainable business strategies. Our customized strategy aims at value creation integrated with innovative cutting-edge technologies.

How does Abaculus Consulting and Advisory Services help you through Business Analytics?

  • KPI Reporting & Visualization
    KPI reports and dashboards for tracking and alerting on pre-defined performance indicators, either before or after a data science exercise.
  • Insights Discovery
    A structured, iterative approach of drilling the data on dimensions of relevance to discover patterns of interest through both visual and tabular analyses.

+ Strategy and Roadmap Definition

Our customized strategy enables our customer to achieve their targets & goals with a customized and effective road map that is vision-driven specially to meet their needs and expectations.

  • Business goals & challenges Assessment
  • Business strategy planning and Execution
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy Recommendation and Execution
  • Team establishment
  • Business Optimization
  • Technology and Product Strategy Recommendation and Execution

+ Business Case Generation

Business Case Generation Our seasoned experts have the capability to create a persuasive business case that can advocate and ensure that an investment is justified in terms of the strategic direction for the organization and the benefits that it will deliver in the future.

  • Business Case Assessment and Recommendation
  • Business Case Content Development with Detailed Research Documentation
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plans

+ Technology Advisory Services

Our Technology Advisory Services helps bridge the gap between business and technology. Our experts apply proven multidisciplinary techniques & tools to address key challenges and recommend best fit (customized and COTS) tools & technologies.These reports are combined with an implementation roadmap to optimize IT performance and drive business value.

  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Enterprise Data & Service Management Strategy
  • Global Rollout Strategy Planning and Execution
  • IT roadmaps
  • Technology Assessment
  • Value Chain Assessments

+ Business Requirements

  • Stakeholder expectations and Dashboard objectives
  • Business context and constraints
  • Tools and technology choices
  • Internal and external data sources
  • Envisaging outputs/dashboard

+ RFP Services

Our RFP services help our clients meticulously design their Requests for Information / Proposals / Tenders / Quotations (RFx) to collect information from potential suppliers or vendors.

  • Requirements (Business, Technical, Operational, Security, Compliance, legal, Quality requirements) based RFx Designing
  • Change Management Procedures identification
  • Pricing Models Finalization
  • Penalty Finalization
  • Service Level Agreements Finalization
  • Acceptance Criteria establishment
  • Evaluation Criteria establishment

+ Cloud Journey

Our cloud journey services mainly focus on driving unprecedented levels of efficiency and flexibility by enabling our customers to adopt modular and managed services on cloud. We can enable customers to establish public, private and hybrid environment of private and public clouds as per the business needs.

  • Foundational services
  • Migration strategies and tooling
  • Solution and technology integration
  • Governance and compliance
  • Multi-cloud Services
  • Data and workload migration to the cloud

+ Analytics Health and Maturity Assessment

Our AIA consultants provide an unbiased assessments of data science, analytics platform and data infrastructure capabilities. We design customized assessment report for organizations seeking to leverage Cloud & Artificial Intelligence and to remain competitive against market leaders.

  • Data Audits & health assessments
  • Technology assessment
  • Data warehouse & BI assessments
  • Technology Rationalization
  • Architecture assessment
  • People and Process Assessment

+ Business Adoption Services

At Abaculus, we understand this challenge of coping up with the ever-changing technology trends and need to adopt them. Our proven approaches and frameworks enable your stakeholders to be able to adapt to the change and to be able to quickly deliver the critical business outcomes.

  • Elevate user experience: Adjust to your stakeholders’ adoption needs to deliver personalized journeys
  • Enable continuous learning and development: Making adoption more interactive and real-time by engaging hands-on learning by “in application” practicing
  • Deliver Real-time Contextual Help: Contextual and automated training that are specific to the user’s role, location, task and behavior within the application

+ Industry-Specific KPI Libraries

We have helped countless companies in developing relevant and meaningful KPIs across industries. With this extensive experience, we have developed industry-specific KPI libraries containing most frequently used KPIs across key business functions and industries.

  • KPI designing and implementation based on: Business Functions, Industry, Platforms
  • Developing visualizations and reports based on the KPIs.