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AI & Analytics Services

Our business user-focused solution approach helps to achieve higher adoption and give businesses the right information at the right time to positively influence business decisions and outcomes.

+ Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Monetize and harvest the true potential of your stored and real-time data by unlocking hidden opportunities and deriving data-driven actionable insights. These actionable insights form the foundation for strategic data-driven decision making that impacts its top line and bottom line.

  • Data Discovery
  • Analytics Strategy & Roadmap
  • Data Visualization
  • Analytics Center of Excellence

+ Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Monetize data to derive valuable insights by enabling intelligent machine learning algorithms to analyze it. Augment this capability further by empowering these systems to learn and make smart decisions on its own with minimal or no human intervention.

  • Consulting – Technology/Tool Selection. System Sizing, Architecture Advisory
  • Analytical storytelling
  • Industry and Function aligned Analytics Services
  • Intelligent Operations, Product & services

+ AI & Cognitive

Augment your enterprise system intelligence by empowering them to sense, reason, act, and adapt based on learned experience. AI & Cognitive services enable you to leverage its human-centric intelligent capabilities on the Cloud/on-premise and the Edge.

  • Video Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech Processing
  • Digital Assistant
  • AI Cognitive Search

+ Immersive Analytics

Immersive Analytics can further augment the human-centric interaction between enterprises, their data, and their tools for analysis and decision making. It also simplifies data processing making it more visual and elaborated for engaging & establishing a realistic feeling in an alternate reality.

  • AR, VR, and MR with expertise in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and 3D Content authoring

+ Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization enables you to integrate siloed strategically (existing & real-time) data across the enterprise to fuel AI & Analytics platform for continuous innovation at a phenomenal speed and in a cost-effective manner.

  • Enterprise data orchestration
  • Centralized data governance & quality assurance
  • Data Management and security
  • Data Access, Extraction & Modeling consulting & implementation